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Flexibility and Capacity: 20 Minute Decision to Save a Customer

By Margaret Taosoga | Distribution Manager, CSL Distribution Express


Julie had 20 minutes left before the steamship line would disallow her Change of Destination (COD) request. She had just got off the phone with the Los Angeles office of the company that handled the packaging and order fulfillment and the manager told her they could not accommodate her packaging requirements on such short notice. Frustrated with her situation, Julie asked if CSL could provide her with a packaging and distribution solution. We did, and here’s what happened.

We executed the Change of Destination with the steamship line and had her shipment terminate at the Port of Long Beach. Her two forty-foot containers were offloaded from the ship onto a truck and transported up the 710 Freeway to CSL’s distribution warehouse 20 minutes away.

The containers arrived at CSL’s loading dock where they were quickly unloaded into our secure warehouse. Julie had arranged for their packaging materials to arrive a day earlier so our packaging team could immediately begin to pull product and match the various accessories according to the product specifications. Next, the team began packaging and labeling, performing pick and pack functions according to each stores purchase order, performed master and purchase order labeling, placed the packages in cartons and palletized each order for delivery.

During the unpacking process we discovered that a key accessory had been back-ordered by Julie’s shipper/manufacturer. Without this one accessory there would be no way we could complete her orders. As Julie’s Purchase Order cancellation date loomed we proposed that CSL Air Express could offer a solution if her manufacturer had the product in stock.