Missing Parts Put On Expedited Flight from China

By Moises Perez | Manager, CSL Air Express


Within a couple hours Julie had spoken with her manufacturer and verified the back-ordered product was now in stock. Shipping the missing product by air would be the best way to save Julie’s customer and CSL Air Express was enlisted to coordinate the cargo. the CSL Air team in Los Angeles contacted the CSL team in China and coordinated with Julie’s manufacturer to get the product on the first available flight, which by now fell on the weekend. As if the weekend wasn’t bad enough, this was considered peak season when air cargo traffic was at its highest and space was very tight. Our China team successfully reserved allocated space on the flight and coordinated with the airline to give the shipment high priority status.

As soon as the plane was “wheels-up” in China, the CSL team in Los Angeles began tracking the inbound flight into LAX. Julie’s supply chain network was provided with near real-time status reports of not only the arriving air shipment, but also status on the packaging and warehouse operations back at the CSL warehouse.

The shipment arrived at LAX without any problems, but the next hurdle was to clear customs and avoid a cargo hold by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). A delay by CBP would have meant “game-over” for Julie and her customer – the threat of losing the order and the customer was always in the back of her mind. The CSL team in Los Angeles came in on the weekend to make sure all the documents were accurate and submitted properly. A problem of any kind, especially on the weekend, could have delayed the release of the cargo until Monday even if a “cargo hold” had not been ordered. Customs cleared the shipment and the cargo was released within a couple hours of its arrival into LAX.

Now that the cargo had been released by customs, I had to settle the terminal charges before the airline would authorize the cargo to be picked up. The CSL Accounting Department was not working during the weekend so I reached in my pocket and paid the terminal charges with my own money (knowing the company would reimburse me later). As one of our CSL trucks was standing-by in the parking lot waiting for my call, I gave the order to back into the terminal and load the cargo onto the truck.