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Less Than Container Load Shipping by CSL Express Line

Even the busiest sales operations have slow seasons and drops in demand, and while that may give you more time to perfect every purchase, you may find that your normal shipping methods are not meeting your needs. Similarly, small businesses often face higher shipping costs per item when they do not have enough supply to fill an entire container. 

At CSL Express Line, we aim to serve international brands of every size and shipment need, and our LCL logistics can help you get the best deal for every package you send.


LCL shipping is a type of freight delivery system that combines several small shipments into one container. With LCL logistics, your packages are shipped alongside those from the same location. This allows shipping companies to use their resources more efficiently and can be highly beneficial. LCL shipments are:

  • Time-efficient: When you don't have to wait to fill an entire container with stock, you can send every package out as soon as it's ready. 

  • Cost-effective: LCL freight forwarders split the container costs between every company using it, resulting in minimal costs for everyone.

  • Environmentally friendly: International transportation is a necessary part of our world, but less-than-efficient use of it can affect your emissions usage and carbon footprint. When eco-focused solutions are part of your mission, LCL logistics can help you maintain your goals.


Most businesses, especially during busy seasons, utilize full container load (FCL) shipping to transport their goods. With FCL, one company pays for an entire container so they can use the full volume to load as much product as possible. It involves minimal handling, and all stock will arrive at the same destination for further distribution.

LCL logistics lets you ship anytime, even if you have minimal cargo to send. Shipping costs are split between every company using the same container based on the volume and weight of each group's cargo.


LCL shipments are generally the choice for small businesses and any business during their slow seasons.

The decision of which method you use for shipping cargo may vary based on your current income, the size of your cargo and many other personal factors. If you're unsure which is right for you, CSL Express Line can help you decide.


Whether you're sending entire containers around the globe or less-than-container loads, CSL Express Line is proud to offer industry-leading prices, impeccable customer service and advanced tracking software. We believe in transparency and visibility at every step of the shipment process, and our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) helps us achieve that.


LCL logistics can be a crucial addition to your fulfillment services, and CSL Express Line is excited to show you how. We know how to use every transportation system to our advantage, delivering your stock faster and at the most competitive rates in the industry. And with exclusive in-house services like cargo insurance and customs brokerage, we'll be the one-stop shop you know you can count on.

We've spent more than three decades serving international suppliers and ensuring their products arrive safely at their destinations. Send your shipments out when they're ready, not when your containers are full. Learn how to get started when you contact us today.

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