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Customs Brokerage Country Flags


Companies engaging in international trade must abide by the specific rules and regulations of each nation where they conduct business.


An experienced customs brokerage firm like CSL Express Line can facilitate these transactions and help to ensure shipments arrive at their destination on time. 


CSL’s in-house customs brokerage was established in 2004 to help assist our customers with the complexities of customs regulations. Our expert staff stays up to date with the regulations and laws of US Customs, so you don't have to. The CSL team takes pride in ensuring all international shipments are cleared through customs quickly while minimizing costs and risks. 

Our licensed brokers with more than 22 years of experience will accurately classify your commodity and ensure all appropriate tariffs and duties are paid for. Shipping with CSL has never been easier.


We're fully qualified to meet all your customs processing needs and much more:

  • C TPAT Certified

    • For more info about C TPAT, please see below

  • All entry types

  • Classification and Valuation

  • ABI Automated Entry Processing

  • ACH Automated Clearing House

  • Duty Drawbacks

  • Customs Bonds

  • Pre-clearance services

  • ATA Carnet

  • Surety Bonds

  • Temporary Import

  • Quota & Quota Pre-processing

  • Remote Location Filing


What is CTPAT ?

CTPAT Logo From CSL Express Line

CTPAT stands for Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. It's a voluntary partnership which strives to strengthen international supply chains and border security by implementing industry's best procedures and identifying the weaknesses within your supply chain. Members who should consider becoming CTPAT certified include importers, freight forwarders, manufacturers/vendors, and licensed customs brokers.

What are the benefits of becoming CTPAT Certified?

  • Reduced CBP examinations on your cargo

  • Front of Line inspections, in case your cargo has to be inspected

  • Quick wait times at the border and access to the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) Lanes at the border (U.S - Mexico & U.S - Canada)

  • Access to CTPAT online portal & training materials to help ensure your supply chain is adhering to the best procedures

  • Being recognized as a trusted trade partner 

  • Business resumption following a terrorist attack or natural disaster

  • Etc: To learn more:

How to Apply?

Application can be completed online via a secure website called the CTPAT Portal.

For more information, please click below:

CSL Customs Service Express Line CTPAT account #71322297

CSL Group (DBA CSL Express Line) CTPAT account #53661343


Collaborating with a capable international freight broker like CSL Line Express can add value to your business in several ways. As your importer of record, we'll help ensure your shipments move through customs more expeditiously. You'll benefit from:

  • Expert guidance: We'll walk you through every step of the customs clearance process and alert you to all applicable best practices, helping you avoid potentially costly mistakes.

  • Regulatory compliance: We'll keep you abreast of all the frequently changing regulations pertaining to your shipment, eliminating much of the compliance burden from your shoulders.

  • Damage claims assistance: Goods can incur damage during any step of the shipping process. We have the expertise to help you navigate the often cumbersome claims-handling procedures, increasing the likelihood of a faster and more favorable outcome.

  • Records maintenance: A long-term benefit of partnering with us is that we can maintain the records of your customs transactions if you must present them at a later date.

  • Expert logistics: We can combine our customs brokerage services with warehousing and distribution and air and ocean freight for a comprehensive logistics approach.

  • Cost reduction: Although enlisting the services of an international freight broker creates an additional expenditure, the increased efficiency and avoidance of fines and penalties could bolster your company's bottom line.

  • Increased focus: Outsourcing customs brokerage services to us allows you to shift your focus to profit- and revenue-generating activities, like ensuring better product quality and enhanced customer service.

  • Risk management: Allowing an expert to manage customs processing is an invaluable component of your company's risk management strategy that can mitigate and prevent losses.


Do you have questions about customs brokerage, especially regarding U.S. freight importing? Do you need help deciding if our services are a good fit for your business? Take the next step and contact CSL Express Line for additional information and a no-obligation quote today.

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