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Whether you primarily use ocean freight, air shipments or another form of transportation, full container load (FCL) shipping can help you do so more efficiently.

At CSL Express Line, our experts in cargo shipments know when FCL will benefit your operations and when it may be better to utilize less than container load (LCL) in its place. Discover the power of FCL shipping and let CSL Express Line handle all your most important deliveries.


Cargo shipments are packaged and delivered in one of two ways:

  • Full container load: A single importers cargo fills the entire container and is then sealed. The FCL container is transported directly from the manufacturer or processor to the intended destination.

  • Less than container load: Multiple companies share the same shipping container. Costs for each business are determined by weight and the fraction of the container they are using.

Each method has its own benefits and drawbacks. Which option you choose will depend on your specific needs and may even change based on the time of year and the number of orders you package. FCL shipping may help you:

  • Keep up with demand: During your busiest seasons, you may struggle to keep up with demand. FCL freight allows you to pack your cargo as tightly as possible so you can send everything in the same container or containers and minimize the chances of shipping delays or unsatisfied customers.

  • Save time: LCL shipments require more sorting and handling, which adds time to the delivery. With FCL, you can send all your products to the next leg of their journey simultaneously and save time, therefore – FCL shipments are a better choice if the shipment is urgent and time-sensitive.

  • Cargo Safety: An FCL shipment is generally safer since it eliminates the need for breaking bulk and is not in contact with cargo from other shippers. The container is sealed after the initial loading and remains unopened until it reaches its destination


We're prepared to handle all of your shipping logistics, from the simplest state-to-state deliveries through complex international cargo transportation. However you choose to move your shipments, our experienced customer service team will make it happen through our comprehensive FCL and LCL services.

We strive to maintain affordable FCL rates for businesses of every size, and we work closely with your warehousing and manufacturing teams to coordinate shipments in ways that are most beneficial to your processes. Once you partner with us, you'll enjoy features like our advanced tracking platform, which will keep you updated on your shipments every step of the way. You'll know the second they touch down at every destination, allowing you to maintain transparency with us and your customers.


To receive a payout for any of these, the cargo owner must submit detailed documentation to the insurance carrier as soon as possible. In most cases, the claim has to be filed within a year of the incident, but you should always check with your insurance carrier to determine the maximum timeframe for filing your claim. 

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