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Holy Ship! Wan Hai Fined $950,000 😳

According to the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), ocean carrier Wan Hai will pay a $950,000 fine as part of a proposed settlement regarding allegations that it wrongfully charged US shippers detention fees on 21 occasions in the spring of 2021.

Shipping Containers - Wan Hai Fined $950,000

Following a 14-month inquiry, the FMC's Division of Enforcement, Investigations and Compliance increased the penalty from the initial $850,000 in May. The new agreement was submitted to the FMC on Monday, and the organization has 30 days to review it. Aside from being prohibited from charging any detention fees when containers cannot be returned, the agreement also requires Taiwan-based Wan Hai to make an undisclosed payment of reparation to the concerned shippers.

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