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Suez Canal Open However the Effects Will Impact Global Shipping

On March 23, 2021, the vessel Ever Given became stuck on its side in the Suez Canal, causing one of the most important routes between Europe and Asia, to be cut off. More tha

Suez Canal Open Now But Will Have Long-Term Effects

n 400 ships were waiting for passage through the Suez Canal. This blockage has had a huge impact on the maritime logistics community, with not only the carrier Evergreen facing hundreds of millions of dollars in claims but also other partners suffering varying degrees of economic and development impact. The good news is that the vessel Ever Given refloated yesterday however, it can take weeks to clear the waiting queue passing through the Suez Canal both Eastbound and Westbound. The incident in Suez Canal hit India, Vietnam, and Southeast Asian exports badly. This blockage incident has created a snowball effect and caused a delay in transit time and voyage rotations, a shortage in equipment's, and an increase in rate.


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