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CSL Express Line 1st Annual Dip-Off Competition.

This year, we hosted our first ever dip-off competition amongst our team. We had over 25 home-made dips that were all so delicious! Some dips included: guacamole, salsa, buffalo chicken dip, queso, 7 layer dip, hummus, jalapeno popper, bacon chive, honey mustard, spinach, and bean dip.

The winner of the dip-off was Arlene Gutierrez who brought in a "Somoa Cheesecake Dip". Second Place was Megan Cook, who brought in an "Out of This World Corn Dip. Lastly, third place was Margaret Taosoga who brought in a "Cake Batter Dip".

Thank you to everyone who participated

Yummy Dips

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