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Rail Strike Update

Containers On A Train - Rail Strike Update

A possible large rail strike has been in discussion as the railroad labor unions advise that "quality of life" issues need to be addressed in their new contract according to CNBC; which includes vacation, sick days and attendance policies.

Negotiations occurred this past weekend between the 2 rail unions (Conductors Union & Brotherhood Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen). Railroads include BNSF, CSX, Union Pacific, CN, CP, and Norfolk Southern

This Friday, September 16th, marks the end of President Biden's cooling period and rail workers have an option on weather or not they want to strike. According to CNN Business, this could lead to the first national railroad strike in 30 years with an estimated 60,000 union workers. CSL provides freight forwarding services that constantly adapts to best fit your needs. Our warehousing and distribution service gets your shipment where it needs to be anywhere in the U.S. all while providing a tracking platform to see it's status. Reach out to our team to learn more.


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