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Shippers Are Demanding FMC To Update Detention and Demurrage Rules

Carriers and cargo owners are calling on the Federal Maritime Commission to review their detention and demurrage rules resulting in railroad storage fees. There is no official US government agency that can officiate storage fees, yet the National Shipping Advisory Committee views the FMC to be the only agency eligible to manage any railroad storage fees. Cargo owners are arguing that door delivery regarding ocean shipping should include a containers move from origin to destination. The FMC claims that the agency has "direct jurisdiction over common carriers, marine terminal operators and ocean transportation intermediaries, including jurisdiction over so-called 'through' transportation". The NSAC recommends that the FMC should include all land storage when they finalize their demurrage rule. The FMAC would have to be legislated by Congress to expand their jurisdiction. Shippers, forwarders and other transportation personnel came together to write and send their concerns to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee earlier this month "pleading for clarification on whose authority it is to regulate the assessment of rail storage charges". Visit our air freight or customs brokerage pages to see how CSL is adjusting to these rules.

CSL Express Line will continue to update you on this ongoing matter, thank you!  source: Griffis, T. E. (2023, May 11). FMC needs to take oversight of rail storage charges: Shippers. Journal of Commerce.


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